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York Garden Design is managed and run by Gavan Rostron who has over 20 years experience in the landscape design and construction industry. Combined with impressive horticultural qualifications this enables York Garden Design to provide a comprehensive and professional garden design and landscape service.

Gavan Rostron

Gavan RostronA fully qualified horticulturalist and garden designer, Gavan started his studies at York's Askham Bryan College where he completed an HND in Horticulture and a BSc in Land Management. He then went on to study for a Masters in Landscape Architecture at Greenwich College whilst working for Guildford Borough Council as their Landscape and Countryside Officer.

On returning to the North in the mid nineties, he worked for a private company as Project Manager, implementing environmental improvement schemes. However he never lost his passion for design, and gradually went about setting up what is now the thriving and successful company York Garden Design.

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